Planning & Building Regs


MCL will help you achieve and secure planning permission & building regulations requirements for your project.


MCL understands the planning process completely

After selecting McNeill Contractors Ltd you will have a design and build company at your disposal who’s experience of planning laws are similar to that of your local authority. We know exactly how they operate, what the LA likes to see, and what they’re most likely to reject, and most importantly, accept.


Thorough plans created to ensure your project is approved

As a business, we know what your LA and building control expect. Therefore, the plans we create are concise with justifications for the project to encourage approval and minimise any chance of rejection.


We’ll fight for your approval

If we truly believe your application should be accepted and approved, we will continuously fight for your project every step of the way, and exhaust every appeal process available to secure that approval.


Combining innovation and intuition

If a certain element of your project is rejected, we will work tirelessly to come up with a solution and alternative method of construction which in essence, achieves the same goal and aesthetic result, so that you then have a higher chance of gaining planning approval for your chosen result.

Our primary aim isn’t just getting you the approval no matter what – it’s about getting approval for the plans and designs that still meet your original requirements, favourite ideas, and sought-after results. It’s your project, and we want to ensure it’s what you want.

McNeill Contractors Ltd can act on your behalf so you can relax knowing everything is being taken care of. Because of this, planning permission and building applications have never been so easy, and stress-free. We act as your agent to create all of the plans, accompanying drawings, and associated paperwork before submitting them to building control and the LA. We take control of the process and act on your behalf throughout, including during all stages that may include the re-submission of any amendments or additional plans, and do everything possible to get your proposals accepted first-time.

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