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Design & build is far from the traditional approach of hiring individual architects and construction companies, and it’s why McNeill Contractors Ltd is proud to utilise this approach for both residential and commercial projects.

By offering all project-related services under one roof, MCL can easily manage your entire project from beginning to end. This management includes architectural planning, designing, planning permission and building regulations, structural engineering, construction, and managing your project to achieve a result that meets your exact requirements in a perfect way.


Exquisitely designed areas to capture your vision and maximise value.


Input from a technical point of view to save time and money, and provides a beautiful final design.


McNeill Contractors Ltd can handle all of your planning permission requirements.


Finally, we bring your designs to life with only the best craftmanship and incredible attention to detail.

The benefits of Design & Build:

Quicker – Due to the overlap of different design and build stages, your project could be completed up to 50% faster than any traditional approach of speaking with and instructing different companies for each section.

Cost-effective – You will save a small fortune and will maximise your budget by taking full advantage of an established and already optimised working relationship between design and build teams.

Easier – MCL handles everything for you and will guide you every step of the way. This ensures you’re well informed at each stage and makes it easier for you to say how your project proceeds.

Better – The design and build teams, yet highly experienced in their own areas, understand the importance and requirements for other parts in the project timeline. Therefore, working together, there is a constant maximising and optimising for the best possible outcome to achieve your vision.

The McNeill Contractors Ltd’s D&B approach:

  • We discover exactly what you are looking for in relation to the colours, features, layouts, themes, and overall functionality. We encourage clients at this stage to explain as much as they can so that we take everything on board. We conduct studies at this time for feasibility to ensure that your property, budget, and any relevant planning laws can happily fulfil your requirements too.

    Understanding your vision
    Step 1
  • Our team of hard-working designers will start to produce concept designs and initial sketches. This is a very collaborative process where we will work closely with you to develop your ideas into a final set of plans for the construction phase. By all means, during this stage, feel free to select materials and such yourself, with support and advice from our network of key personnel.

    Making your ideas a reality
    Step 2
  • MCL will take the designs and work to create realistic 3D renders to show you exactly what your new space will look like. See something you would like to amend? Not a problem. We're flexible and want to ensure it's exactly how you want. Let us know and we'll make further changes to ensure you're 100% happy.

    Re-imagine your dream in 3D
    Step 3
  • The next stage is creating the detailed plans and submitting the associated paperwork to your local council authority (LCA) for approval. We understand the planning permission process like the back of our hands and we'll liaise with the authority on your behalf to ensure we meet their exact requirements and gain approval as quick as possible. If they ask for revisions, we'll make them for you as well.

    Submit for planning approval
    Step 4
  • We can internally assess if your project requires building control approval from your local council authority. If required, we will submit the paperwork and all of the accompanying plans, including the engineer's reports and structural calculations, to ensure the faster possible process.

    Gain building control approval
    Step 5
  • Once we're at this stage, you'll receive a guaranteed quotation which will be broken down fully, so you know exactly what costs what. We will also prepare a concise guideline programme and begin organising every part of the build, including, not limited to, on-site staff, equipment, and materials. At the same time, a dedicated project manager will be available to guide you throughout this whole process.

    Getting ready to build
    Step 6
  • It's time to build. You can now relax and let MCL's construction team work their magic. Under the direction of the project manager, your project will be professionally managed, meticulously carried out, and seamlessly operated. Then, once you're happy, and only once you're happy, you can sign it off.

    The build of your project and completion
    Step 7
Design & Build Process
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