How We Project Manage


Once McNeill Contractors Ltd has been confirmed as the contractor for your project, you will be given a unique login to a free-to-use, project management portal in which you can track your project’s progress, to the second. This can be accessed via our website through the Client Portal page.

Easily monitor whether it’s on track, view the schedule of works and full project schedule, check budgets, collaborate in real-time, and upload, store, and share files.

One of the many reasons to choose McNeill Contractors Ltd for your residential, commercial, design & build, or property investment conversion project.

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A very powerful and intuitive tool to keep you up to date

Thanks to our client portal and accompanying mobile app, you have the ability to check what stage your project is at at, anytime, anywhere. With any to-dos, activities, and notes mapped out across the project schedule, it provides you with a simple way to review your project at a glance, carefree, wherever you may be.

How We Project Manage

Check where your project is and monitor its progress.

Mapped out across your project life-cycle will be activities and deliverables in a clear, easy-to-follow, and effective way for you to view the entire project plan.

  • Shows your key project dates and other milestones.
  • Everyone understands the progress via a visual framework. This prevents misunderstanding and ensures everyone is on the same page.
  • Presents how certain tasks are joined and delegated and how variations (change orders) will affect the project timeline and, if applicable, the budget.
  • Gives you notifications automatically to ensure you’re kept up-to-date.
How We Project Manage

No hidden “extras” or being charged for anything that wasn’t agreed.

Every alteration, value-engineering solution, switch of material, etc, is all recorded, agreed, signed for, all in advance. If you haven’t personally authorised a change and put your signature to it, it will never be charged to you. That’s a McNeill Contractors Ltd guarantee.

  • Variations (change orders) can be created and signed off in seconds.
  • View total expenditure alongside a running amount of changes and track bottom-line updates.
  • See the impact that changes have on your project finish date.
  • Feel safe knowing nothing will be charged to you unless agreed by you directly.
How We Project Manage

Upload documents directly into your portal and keep everyone updated.

A specific area for everything related to your specific project. From project plans to specifications, each member involved with the project has instant access, anytime, anywhere.

  • Prevents confusion and potential mistakes caused due to outdated documents.
  • Access to images directly related to your project.
  • Ability to upload photos of furniture, fixings, fittings, etc that you like for reference.
  • Share images to your personal social media profiles.
How We Project Manage

Real time collaboration that is quick, easy, and centrally controlled.

Whether you prefer to take advantage of the instant chat feature or through emails, every bit of project communication is recorded, creating a useful digital paper trail, accessible for both contractor and client.

  • Text-message style comment threads for intuitiveness, on both desktop and mobile.
  • Comment filters to view only specific subjects.
  • Share comments with restricted views so only the people suitable can view them.
How We Project Manage

Selection choices that are streamlined and eliminate errors.

Collaborate on choices made, prevent selection errors, and ensure the project cost breakdown is accurate.

  • The right items are chosen correctly every time.
  • Allows for constant communication between you and the suppliers to ensure the right selections are made.
  • See key deadline dates with automatic notifications to keep the project running smoothly.
  • See allowance details that ensures you’re within budget.
How We Project Manage

A hassle-free experience all the time.

If any issues do crop up post-build, you can use our streamlined warranty requests to fix any issues.

  • Track and monitor warranty requests through the secure online project portal.
  • See who is coordinating your claim and view important dates for servicing.
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